James Rowan
September 21, 2021
James Rowan of Jersey City passed away at his home while surrounded by his family on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. He wa...
Thomas Henry Stroz
September 14, 2021
Thomas Henry Stroz, age 60, beloved father of Samantha and Christopher, passed away peacefully at home on September 14, ...
Dorothy G Danzi
September 9, 2021
Dorothy G. Danzi of Jersey City, formerly of Deptford, NJ passed away on September 9, 2021. She was 92. Born to Will...
Arsenio C. Ibarra
August 16, 1925 - September 2, 2021
Arsenio C. Ibarra, of Jersey City, passed away peacefully at Hamilton Park Healthcare Center on September 2, 2021. He w...
Delia H. Ibarra
November 15, 1925 - September 8, 2021
Delia H. Ibarra, of Jersey City, passed away peacefully at Jersey City Medical Center on September 8th. She was 95 year...
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